Being in mid 30s, there are certain things that I can no longer take for granted. As an athlete/weekend warrior, I spent a great deal of time running outdoor last summer and getting a shiner/black eye once in a while from hard sparring/fights. One day, I looked at myself closely in the mirror. I noticed my skin looked like a combination of overripe oranges and there were a lot of wrinkles that I didn't have before. Then I realized, I no longer liked looking at the person who looked back at me in the mirror. With my birthday looming, I was pretty depressed with the state of my skin and how old I looked. I decided that I need to get on with my facial routines and find someone to help me. Encouraged with yelp review and the perfect location (5 min away from my house), I made appointment with Maggie a day before my birthday last year. Maggie did magic. After reviewing my skin, she said she would do microdemabrasion and deep pores/extraction. I agreed that's what I need as I had a lot of dead skin & my skin wasn't smooth at all with blackheads/whiteheads. She used a lot of great smelling product in my face too. I love her room and I love how gentle she is. When I came home that day, my face was glowing. The next day, my skin was so smooth, it was easier to apply make up and I still had that glow. I felt youthful and received a lot of compliments on my birthday. I've been coming back a few more times since then and am really happy with the outcome. I just went to get facial with Maggie this morning. I came out feeling a lot lighter (like tons of blackheads & deadskin removed from my face) and went straight to my office. There was no redness (even though she extracted a lot) and I love how healthier my skins look right now. Was this review …?

- Levi I. Los Gatos, CA