*SIGH* If only I had those naturally long gorgeous lashes those celeb glamazons have! Psyche!! Do people still use this word urban style??? LOL :) Those celeb lashes aren't natural! That's good news for us mere mortals aspiring to come a little closer to those glam gods. Hooray for Maggie as she plays a huge role in those glamazon aspirations! She is for sure legit! I've tried two other venues for lash extensions. My very first visit at another place, the lashes looked great, but I had a bad allergic reaction to them. The skin at the base of my lashes were red. In addition, the procedure requires you to keep your eyes closed, while your lower lashes are separated from your upper lashes. To do this, this particular gal used a type of weighted pad on top of my lower lashes, but unfortunately this caused my eyes to twitch uncontrollably non-stop! The second time I tried it with another person, it wasn't a great experience either. She used regular scotch tape to separate my lower and upper lashes, and again non-stop twitching! In addition, she wasn't able to service the lashes properly after touch-up appointments. The lashes would invert themselves, so the curved side would be facing the wrong direction, and after a visit she didn't fix them! Enter Maggie Yuan, eyelash extension applicator extraordinaire! She is exceptional in this field! Today was my second visit, and I am impressed. 1. She uses surgical tape on the bottom lashes. And, because she must be a magician, I surprisingly have very little twitch attacks! She strategically places additional surgical tape on another part of my face to possibly help prevent the annoying muscle twitches! 2. The lashes look fabulous and natural! My sister noticed the difference immediately, but she could not pinpoint exactly why my face looked glammed up. She attributed it to makeup, but I wasn't wearing any. :) Another gal in my office who has used lash extensions for years, also commented that they looked very natural. 3. Maggie sits with you initially to make sure the correct expectations are set. What kind of lashes you were looking for, is it a special occasion, the shape of your eye, etc. 4. The lashes lasted! It did take me a week or two to get used to them. And at one point I forgot I had them on and furiously rubbed my right eye, and oops some lashes came out. My left eye held up pretty well. *TIP - If you have oily skin, use blotting paper to make sure the oils on your eyelids are absorbed, so they don't seep into your eyes causing itchiness. Bottom line...if you want to emulate your fav celeb glamazon, Maggie is your girl! Really though, who needs to look like celebs. Let Maggie help you look like a glammed up version of you. :)

- Roselina R. Milpitas, CA