've been seeing Maggie for the Microdermabrasion facial, RF facial & eyelash extensions every 3 weeks for the past 3 years, and all I can say is she is THE BEST!!! Maggie introduced me to this new Hydrafacial treatment instead of Microdermabrasion 3 weeks ago and OMG, I was SOLD! I fell in love with it, yesterday was my second time, and I Just LOVE the way my skin looks & feels after the Hydrafacial!!!!!! My skin is SUPER soft, clear, and glowing! My pores are visibly smaller, and my skin tone is so even that I can't stop touching my skin!!!! When I have the Hydrafacial, I don't even want to put on any makeup the next day but I even noticed, when I put on makeup, my skin looks BRIGHTER & GLOWING! The Hydrafacial I had was with "Lymphatic Drainage Therapy","Dermabuilder(fine line and wrinkle reduction)" & "LED light therapy". These are all "add-ons" for extra charge, but if you want the BEST result, you should definitely consider getting these too. (There's more add-ons like Britenol for dark & sun spot correctors). There is no downtime, so immediately after you have the Hydrafacial, you can put on makeup.You wouldn't want too though because your skin is so clean and glowing! I had a bad reaction to Glycolic acid before so I was a bit worried when I heard that the Hydrafacial use glycolic acid (also salicylic acid) during the procedure, but it's only 7.5% and I did not have any irritation or redness on that day, or even the next day. I will NEVER go back to microdermabrasion & extraction!! I mean why do you have to have an extraction and feel like you are being tortured when you can have a Hydrafacial that would do everything without ANY PAIN!!! Also, before Maggie starts the Hydrafacial, she cleans your face with a massage & her hand technique is unbelievable. There are a lot of salons & dermatology offices that offer Hydrafacials but I recommend Maggie because of her hand technique!! Her salon is so clean, inviting, and relaxing. I am SUPER picky and have been to many skin care salons, not only in the Bay Area, but in So cal, and even in Japan, but I never met anyone better than Maggie! Make an appointment in advance because she is a busy gal! Thanks Maggie!!! You are the BEST!!!

- Mika K. San Jose, CA